DISC D.14X2mm MS

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Neodymium magnetic disc

Neodymium magnet with 14 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness marked south.
You will find a red dot that indicates the pole where is marked, in this case the magnet has the red dot on the south pole.
This magnet is N35 nickel coated with axial magnetization.
The pulling force is 1,50 Kg

Max temperature 80° C

10 - 350,55
36 - 1000,41
101 - 2000,36
201 - 5990,30
600 - 9000,23


This magnetic disc is also known as the “round magnet” which is made of the strongest material that you can find on the magnet’s market.
The neodymium magnet is made of neodymium itself, iron and boron. They can be useful for more than one purpose thanks to their versatility.

There are a lot of different applications and fields where you can find the neodymium disc such as industrial furniture,
fashion, automotive, bricolage and even more!

This magnet can resist at a maximum operating temperature of 80° if you might need a higher temperature resistance contact us.
The grade is N35 but we can have them in N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52.

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