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Plastoflex5 20X2mm

2,44 VAT Inc.

Isotropic magnetic tape roll 20X2 mm
The prices are based on meter required.
Quantity Price
1 - 15 2,44
16 - 25 1,95
26 - 50 1,56
51 - 100 1,22


Isotropic magnetic tape roll 20X2 mm
Plastoflex X5 is a plastoferrite tape ideal to be used behind your pictures or small objects.
The strength of this product doesn’t allow it to keep a weight higher than 0,1/0,05 Kg.
Plastoflex X5 is sold cutted in meters, choose the quantity you need.
Ask us for more information, we will suggest you the right product for your projects.
! Be careful: Do not use this product with a magnet, the magnet will demagnetize the plastoferrite !

Additional information

Weight 0,16 kg





Strength attraction

SKU PN01.X50000.2020
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