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SM04.2020 M6

5,60 VAT Inc.

Magnetic System Threaded Hole Alnico
D.20×20 Hole M6
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1 - 10 5,61
11 - 50 4,77
51 - 150 3,92
151 - 250 3,25


Magnetic System Threaded Hole Alnico
Magnetic pots in Alnico are the right alternative if, during processing, the temperature reaches values above 100°C, up to 600/650°C.
Moreover, the material is extremely resistant to impact.
In addition, they are equipped with a threaded through-hole that allows them to be easily fixed to a structure.
Ask our team what is the best solution for your case, they will help you!

D.20X20 Hole M6

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Threaded Hole


Strength attraction

SKU SM04.V00000.2020.M6
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