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Our company represents a point of reference on the European market in the Online sales of permanent magnets and magnetic materials.
We are part of the “International Magnets Group“, a  team of multiple leading companies across Europe in the magnetic field, to offer each customer the best of over 40 years experience.
Our main mission is to continuously search and develop technical and commercial improvements to fit each customer needs, with high performance and strength as keywords for all the materials produced.

Fast delivery is able to ship their goods in 24h if the order is placed before 12:00 am.
We can guarantee a fast shipment thanks to the big stock available in our warehouse.
Our automatic vertical storages help our staff to prepare quickly the orders and to avoid mistakes.
The magnets are always shipped through express couriers not to lose time because of the transport.

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Competitive prices gives you really competitive prices thanks to the big amount of stock in our warehouse.
Our production is constantly producing new magnets and we’re glad to offer you bespoke magnets as well.
For big quantities we suggest you to ask us a quote since the price will be surely lower than the one you can find on our e-commerce.

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Customer service

Thanks to the 40 years of experience, our staff is able to help you with your projects providing you the perfect magnet for your application.
If any problem will occur, we will always be available to give you the best assistance.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information abour our products.

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