Neodymium Blocks with Adhesive

In our online shop you will find a wide range of self-adhesive neodymium blocks.
They are suitable for many applications due to their high strength.

The adhesive tape makes it easy to stick these magnets to almost any surface. Just remove the protective film and they are ready to go!

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If you don't find the right product or size, or if you need a custom made one, contact us by mail or phone !

These are all the Magnets readily available in stock for fast delivery, but we can provide all sorts of Neodymium Magnets. Different shapes, sizes or higher magnetisation grades.

Adhesive magnets

Our tape-adhesive magnets are provided with a 3M adhesive surface on one side, which ensures a strong and durable grip on different surfaces, such as glass, wood, metal, paper or cardboard.
These magnets are really easy to use: just remove the protective film and stick the magnet to the surface.

Applications of adhesive magnets

Our customers use these adhesive magnets in different fields, such us stationery, jewelry, DIY, etc.
In fact, they are perfect to close books, folders, boxes, or to fix your decorations on iron surfaces.

The best practices to use our adhesive magnets

  • Clean the surface where you need to stick the magnet to; it has to be smooth, clean and grease-free;
  • Remove the protective film, but do not touch the sticky part with your fingers;
  • Apply the adhesive part to the surface and press firmly;
  • Allow a couple of seconds to pass before using the magnet.