Multiple applications for Neodymium magnets and magnetic materials

Our e-commerce has a large selection of neodymium, ferrite, alnico magnets and other magnetic materials such as plastoferrite.
All these products can be used in a lot of different applications!

If you would like to have some suggestions, on this page we will explain to you how our current customers are using our magnets.
Neodymium discs/rings/blocks are usually found:

  • in the jewelry industry to easily close necklaces or bracelets;
  • in typographies to keep folders closed or to stick up billboards;
  • in the fashion industries for closing bags, clothes, perfumes or other but also to screw directly the magnets in the clothes;
  • in the creations of Warhammers;
  • in the magnetotherapy;
  • in the music industry for the speakers or electric guitars;
  • in the automotive industry for the different sensors but also for the electric motors inside the cars;
  • in various technological devices such as phones, earphones, TV, etc.
These are just some examples of all the different applications for Neodymium magnets. 
Then the magnetic pots can be used in the furniture industry for closing cabinets and lockers or to create new modern projects.
Also plastoferrite magnets are frequently applied on furniture for example to keep a light attached to a furniture.
This material works really well also for closing fridges or to keep firmly attached a mosquito net.