Ferrite – Alnico Magnets

Our stock of Ferrite and Alnico pot Magnets.

We can provide you with a wide range of Ferrite and Alnico pots: magnets with passing-through hole or threaded rod.

Ferrite Magnets are very resistant to corrosion, humidity and oxidation. They can withstand temperatures up to 250 °C without risk of demagnetization.

Alnico Magnets are made of an alloy of Aluminium (Al), Nickel (Ni) and Cobalt (Co). They can operate at the highest temperatures out of any magnetic material. Up to 650°C!

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If you don't find the right product or size, or if you need a custom made one, contact us by mail or phone !

These are all the magnets readily available in stock for fast delivery, but we can provide all sorts of Ferrite or Alnico magnets. Different shape, size, special alloys or coatings.