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SuperMagneticShop is the reference shop to buy magnets online

You can buy Neodymium, Ferrite and Alnico Magnets.

Some of the most requested types of magnets are: magnets with hole, rectangular magnets, square magnets, permanent magnets, small magnets, strong magnets, super magnets, screw-in magnets and custom made magnets.

SuperMagneticShop is a distributor and manufacturer of magnets. We have millions of magnets in stock ready for fast delivery (same day if ordered before 12 noon). We provide premium quality magnets at the lowest prices.

You can contact us for custom made magnets and custom quotations. You can buy large or small magnets, in all shapes, with special coatings (zinc, rubber, epoxy and many others) and high degrees of magnetization: N35 neodymium magnets, N38 magnets, N40 magnets, N42 magnets, N45 magnets, N48 magnets, N50 magnets, up to N52 magnets.

SuperMagneticShop has been manufacturing magnets for 40 years with the highest quality standards. We have been selling magnets online for more than 10 years, directly to public and companies. We guarantee the best prices, fast deliveries and extensive pre and post sales support. We always aim for maximum customer satisfaction.

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