Iron Matching Parts

Iron discs or blocks are really useful where magnets do not have an iron surface in front of them. They are available in disc shape, block shape or with countersunk hole. Match a magnet with its iron part, the application is really easy and it’s the perfect solution for many applications.

Be careful because these are NOT magnets but just IRON parts!

How to use our iron parts?

The iron parts have a self-adhesive surface to stick easily them on all the different materials and they are used as a counterpart to our magnets.
If you prefer to screw them instead of using the self-adhesive try the countersunk hole iron discs.

If you don’t find the right product or size, or if you need a custom made one, contact us by mail or phone !

These are all the iron matching parts readily available in stock for fast delivery, but we can provide all sorts of iron discs and blocks. Different shape, size or special design.