Neodymium Pot Magnets: multipurpose strong magnets

Our Neodymium Pot Magnets are very strong and perfect for a lot of different applications. They can have countersunk or threaded holes, threaded rods or also hooks and carabiners.

The iron cup where the magnets are embedded makes the magnetic field even stronger since it can orient the magnetism on the free surface of the magnet.

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These are all the Magnets readily available in stock for fast delivery, but we can provide all sorts of Neodymium Magnets. Different shape, size or special alloys for even greater heat tolerance.

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Here some of the pot magnets available: 

Neodymium threaded magnets, neodymium super magnets, flat bottom magnets, threaded stud magnets, countersunk hole magnets, threaded hole magnets, hook magnets, snap-hook / carabiner magnets, screw socket magnets, threaded rod magnets, neodymium rubber magnetic discs, neodymium reinforced countersunk magnets and more.

What's a Pot Magnet?

A Pot Magnet is made of a neodymium magnetic core encased in a steel pot. This increases the adhesive force of the magnet.

Usually the base of the magnet is magnetized and the other side can be fitted with a threaded rod, a hook, a eyelet, a snap-hook or other fastening systems.

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