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Ferrite Magnets available Online in many different shapes and sizes

Ferrite Magnets: The Complete Guide


Ferrite Magnets are the cheapest option among commercially available magnets. They are very resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Even a standard Ferrite Magnet can operate and do not demagnetize at a temperature of up to 250°C

They can be used in humid environments or underwater without any issue, because they do not suffer from oxidation and rust. They resist very well even in salt water.

Unlike other ferromagnetic materials, most Ferrite Magnets are not electrically conductive.

These magnets are dark grey  in color and appear less polished than the Neodymium ones. They are also called raw magnets, hard ferrite magnets, ceramic magnets or ceramic permanent magnets.

More about Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite is a ceramic material made a large proportion of iron oxide (Fe2O3) blended with one or more additional metals, like strontium, barium, manganese, nickel or zinc. Ferrite Magnets are ferrimagnetic, so they can be magnetized (becoming a magnet) or be attracted to a magnet. Unlike other ferromagnetic materials, standard ferrite is not electrically conductive.

Hard ferrite, the one we use for our magnets, has a high coercivity, a property that makes it difficult to demagnetize. Ferrite Magnets are hard but quite brittle. Their density is about 5 g/cm3.

Ferrite Magnets are not as strong as Neodymium Magnets. They typically offer about 1/7th of the pulling force of similar size N35 Neodymium Magnets.

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Ferrite Magnetic Blocks available Online in many different sizes

Ferrite Magnets Uses and Applications

Most common applications for Ferrite Magnets are the following:

  • Ectronic industry;
  • Fridge magnets;
  • Micro-wave devices;
  • Loudspeakers;
  • Pot magnets;
  • Deferization: removal of metallic parts from powders or materials;
  • Motors, generators, alternators;
  • Medical applications;
  • Magnetic lifters.


What’s the price of Ferrite Magnets?

Ferrite Magnets are the cheapest commercially available magnets. Compared to standard Neodymium Magnets of equal size, they can be 10 times cheaper. But you must consider that, given the lower magnetic strength, you will need a larger Ferrite Magnet to get the same performances.

What’s the price of Ferrite Magnets compared to Neodymium Magnets?

On average Ferrite Magnets are nearly 10 times cheaper than ferrite magnets. The final price can swing greatly depending on various factors like the size of the order or the market cost of raw materials. Iron in used in both kinds of magnets, but Neodymium Magnets contain also relevant quantities of rare earth elements, whose price is gone up quite significantly in recent years.

Here is a table of reference of the cost for a 20x3mm magnetic disc made of Neodymium or Ferrite:

QuantityNeodymium PriceFerrite Price
1 – 302,05€0,22€
31 – 801,64€0,17€
81 – 1801,19€0,14€
181 – 3500,96€0,12€
351 – 6000,78€0,09€

price as October 2022 vat included

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Where can I buy Ferrite Magnets online?

You can buy your Ferrite Magnets Online on our ecommerce store: You can find ferrite Magnets of all sizes and shapes: discs, rings, blocks. We offer stock prices on all the magnets, great discounts for large orders, a 5% discount for new subscribers and special quotations for companies. We have also a large selection of Ferrite Magnets for all applications: threaded holepassing holethreaded rod, special coatings and more. We even make on demand custom magnets. Just contact us!

Where can I buy Ferrite Magnets online with fast delivery?

You can buy your Ferrite Magnets Online with fast delivery on our ecommerce store: We ship our magnets all across Europe. If you complete your order before 12:00 a.m. on business days it will be shipped the same day. Otherwise it will be shipped right in the morning of the next working day. Shipping in Europe should take 24/48 hours, except for delays of the courier.

Where can I buy custom made Ferrite Magnets online?

You can buy your custom made Ferrite Magnets Online on our ecommerce store: If you can’t find what you need among our large selection of magnets, send us a request! We can provide Ferrite Magnets of all shapes and sizes, special alloys, higher grades of heat tolerance, special coatings and more.

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Any more questions about Ferrite Magnets? Just ask us!